Manufacturing Processes


Hematite offers multiple options in vacuum thermoforming, set-up to accommodate both small and large sizes of finished product, in a variety of plastic compositions and colours, including, but not limited to ABS, EVA, HDPE, HIPS and PVC.

In vacuum forming, a solid sheet of plastic is heated, then draped over a mold, and held in place using a vacuum for a predetermined length of time. Factors affecting process time include plastic composition, sheet thickness and desired outcome. Once molded, the product is cooled, trimmed and, if required, assembled.

Hematites production flexibility allows them to efficiently design and produce small prototype runs, as well as high volume production


Depending on production volume, we can produce small volumes using wood tools, up to water cooled aluminum tooling.


Our 4 station rotary vacuum formers can produce shapes up to 6' by 6' in size, in single and multi-cavity tools.

We Work With Any Volume

With quick change philosophy and tooling, we can produce a handful of parts up to several thousand in a single run.

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Thermoforming TM

Flexible Sheet Extrusion

Hematite extrudes flexible sheet in EVA, PolyPro, and PVC plastics in widths up to 72” in sheet or roll format. PET, foam or recycled fibre can be laminated in-line to add sound deadening and vibration dampening properties.

Material Options

Hematite extrudes sheet from multiple materials, either on their own or laminated.

Custom Specifications

With an in-line press, we can die-cut your order as per your specifications.

Multiple Applications

Our extrusions are used for many purposes including moisture and noise reduction barriers.

Extrusion Production Line
Extrusion Production TM
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Rubber Compression Moulding

Whether it’s a 1-step process or a 4-step process, Hematite’s vertically integrated capabilities keep the customer’s product competitive while maintaining quality from beginning to end. With a number of quality certifications, Hematite confirms its commitment to its customers and continuously improves its production processes through these programs.

Hematite’s production team works with mills, presses and die-cutters to manufacture products that are used across a variety of industries.

The Heat is On

A range of tonnage presses produce flat and profiled products in various rubbers.

Rubber Milled On-Site

Scrap material is fed through our milling process to produce preforms for further operations.

Product Features

We manufacture products to enhance commercial functions and improve performance.

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Rubber Compression TM02
Rubber Compression TM

Trimming, Die-Cutting and Assembly

Depending on the specifics of your project, like volume for example, Hematite can use either robotic or hand trimming to remove flashing from a finished part. Once done, and if required, they offer a designated assembly area.

Die-cutting is common after flexible sheet extrusion and compression molding. Custom trim dies are made to deliver a precise final cut and finish. During rubber production, large rubber blanks are formed ahead of time that will accommodate multiple die cut parts which decrease costs to the customer.

To maximize efficiencies for their customers, Hematite reduces the need for multiple partners in the production process. As a single source supplier, Hematite can do it all, including the final assembly of your product, and even delivered to your door.

Robotic Trimming

Different trimming solutions can be offered depending on volume and part complexity.


Die cutting presses can manage sizes up to five feet squared and tools are built to specification.


From a single attachment to providing complete kits, our experience includes a variety of fasteners, brackets, and hinges.

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